Internet Route Registry

These entries are queried from using whois, you can try my project getting these.


descr:      Proxy-registered route object
origin:     AS33418
remarks:    This route object is for a BtN customer route
remarks:    which is being exported under this origin AS.
remarks:    This route object was created because no existing
remarks:    route object with the same origin was found, and
remarks:    since some BtN peers filter based on these objects
remarks:    this route may be rejected if this object is not created.
remarks:    Please contact peering [at] if you have any
remarks:    questions regarding this object.
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS3491
changed:    sajwani [at] 20140527
source:     RADB

descr:         ADDED FOR - AS33418
origin:        AS33418
notify:        noc [at]
mnt-by:        I123-MNT
changed:       rpd [at] 20191213
source:        LEVEL3

descr:          B3 Computers, Inc.
origin:         AS33418
notify:         bemarino [at]
mnt-by:         MNT-B3COM
changed:        bemarino [at] 20041229
source:         ARIN-NONAUTH