Internet Route Registry

These entries are queried from using whois, you can try my project getting these.


as-set:         AS-BTC-UP
descr:          BTC to Upstream announces
members:        AS-NET1OUT
members:        AS57813
members:        AS57840
members:        AS212561
members:        AS39183
members:        AS-NETISSAT
members:        AS197236
members:        AS50431
members:        AS61301
members:        AS207772
members:        AS202357
members:        AS201326
members:        AS205526
members:        AS12756
members:        AS49950
members:        AS207371
members:        AS207826
members:        AS206804
members:        AS203239
members:        AS208579
members:        AS44179
members:        AS50359
members:        AS200475
members:        AS202543
members:        AS49681
members:        AS42625
members:        AS49041
members:        AS200458
members:        AS199512
members:        AS62323
members:        AS47647
members:        AS206546
members:        AS205808
members:        AS205965
members:        AS206193
members:        AS206180
members:        AS51383
members:        AS51605
members:        AS201384
members:        AS202690
members:        AS44129
members:        AS42295
members:        AS203312
members:        AS203723
members:        AS112
members:        AS199173
members:        AS34841
members:        AS38932
members:        AS41557
members:        AS39135
members:        AS43561
members:        AS48745
members:        AS44564
members:        AS39766
members:        AS42844
members:        AS48115
members:        AS48452
members:        AS2129
members:        AS198765
members:        AS25166
members:        AS44396
members:        AS3245
members:        AS3264
members:        AS6802
members:        AS8262
members:        AS8390
members:        AS8431
members:        AS8672
members:        AS8717
members:        AS8745
members:        AS8795
members:        AS43732
members:        AS8808
members:        AS8860
members:        AS8866
members:        AS8877
members:        AS8880
members:        AS9070
members:        AS9127
members:        AS12564
members:        AS12716
members:        AS12814
members:        AS12829
members:        AS12982
members:        AS13124
members:        AS13147
members:        AS13236
members:        AS15534
members:        AS16127
members:        AS16154
members:        AS16226
members:        AS20657
members:        AS21249
members:        AS21372
members:        AS24693
members:        AS25076
members:        AS25374
members:        AS25407
members:        AS25556
members:        AS29084
members:        AS29244
members:        AS24750
members:        AS21415
members:        AS25206
members:        AS25494
members:        AS29080
members:        AS29122
members:        AS29582
members:        AS29366
members:        AS25554
members:        AS16344
members:        AS12591
members:        AS12962
members:        AS20665
members:        AS21337
members:        AS24770
members:        AS24950
members:        AS28949
members:        AS29210
members:        AS29580
members:        AS29622
members:        AS29667
members:        AS21230
members:        AS31522
members:        AS49387
members:        AS12615
members:        AS31527
members:        AS31029
members:        AS31291
members:        AS31534
members:        AS31083
members:        AS31369
members:        AS16328
members:        AS12795
members:        AS31440
members:        AS20682
members:        AS29343
members:        AS31293
members:        AS31011
members:        AS31250
members:        AS28909
members:        AS20911
members:        AS31420
members:        AS31308
members:        AS12815
members:        AS31460
members:        AS28820
members:        AS34340
members:        AS34376
members:        AS34224
members:        AS34272
members:        AS38918
members:        AS39635
members:        AS41234
members:        AS44015
members:        AS24964
members:        AS34577
members:        AS34314
members:        AS29479
members:        AS29687
members:        AS34524
members:        AS34753
members:        AS35183
members:        AS13172
members:        AS35194
members:        AS34491
members:        AS34589
members:        AS34991
members:        AS35480
members:        AS35503
members:        AS35489
members:        AS34653
members:        AS33853
members:        AS35621
members:        AS25147
members:        AS35466
members:        AS39163
members:        AS39177
members:        AS13306
members:        AS39357
members:        AS44201
members:        AS39401
members:        AS9119
members:        AS39601
members:        AS31140
members:        AS41352
members:        AS35464
members:        AS5421
members:        AS41922
members:        AS41901
members:        AS35773
members:        AS31014
members:        AS39881
members:        AS39505
members:        AS43943
members:        AS42555
members:        AS44309
members:        AS44247
members:        AS44718
members:        AS34368
members:        AS47410
members:        AS35141
members:        AS34074
members:        AS48746
members:        AS44586
members:        AS44886
members:        AS47849
members:        AS19460
members:        AS48458
members:        AS29170
members:        AS8982
members:        AS44777
members:        AS47212
members:        AS44566
members:        AS44537
members:        AS47686
members:        AS9172
members:        AS16333
members:        AS43612
members:        AS49056
members:        AS33983
members:        AS5379
members:        AS49482
members:        AS35122
members:        AS33924
members:        AS35444
members:        AS48265
members:        AS42049
members:        AS49850
members:        AS43548
members:        AS35654
members:        AS31435
members:        AS43227
members:        AS50431
members:        AS8734
members:        AS197050
members:        AS21183
members:        AS197055
members:        AS41803
members:        AS49518
members:        AS43272
members:        AS41989
members:        AS49773
members:        AS51404
members:        AS48181
members:        AS8661
members:        AS48982
members:        AS50091
members:        AS197304
members:        AS32768
members:        AS39396
members:        AS50208
members:        AS39553
members:        AS44317
members:        AS52077
members:        AS42734
members:        AS51987
members:        AS196838
members:        AS197516
members:        AS20956
members:        AS42391
members:        AS42410
members:        AS41782
members:        AS12436
members:        AS48264
members:        AS49233
members:        AS42431
members:        AS56856
members:        AS51582
members:        AS16193
members:        AS197929
members:        AS56546
members:        AS57116
members:        AS42794
members:        AS57237
members:        AS57070
members:        AS47402
members:        AS5576
members:        AS50194
members:        AS197769
members:        AS47771
members:        AS34569
members:        AS35448
members:        AS34754
members:        AS44203
members:        AS48917
members:        AS47872
members:        AS57374
members:        AS56620
members:        AS47394
members:        AS198279
members:        AS45007
members:        AS198259
members:        AS57705
members:        AS57722
members:        AS198280
members:        AS-57344
members:        AS35047
members:        AS39611
members:        AS197706
members:        AS198576
members:        AS52073
members:        AS56468
members:        AS42409
members:        AS3187
members:        AS56371
members:        AS31287
members:        AS49330
members:        AS12783
members:        AS198228
members:        AS58166
members:        AS29238
members:        AS57388
members:        AS197167
members:        AS199048
members:        AS50302
members:        AS59620
members:        AS61364
members:        AS58079
members:        AS57961
members:        AS199211
members:        AS61066
members:        AS199301
members:        AS6777
members:        AS196876
members:        AS60457
members:        AS44077
members:        AS44851
members:        AS19645
members:        AS49699
members:        AS48584
members:        AS42398
members:        AS48053
members:        AS197997
members:        AS50506
members:        AS34295
members:        AS48747
members:        AS60168
members:        AS200033
members:        AS39833
members:        AS199818
members:        AS198744
members:        AS49738
members:        AS39683
members:        AS23456
members:        AS44529
members:        AS60974
members:        AS41946
members:        AS57765
members:        AS35428
members:        AS197214
members:        AS62037
members:        AS202209
members:        AS202168
members:        AS50020
members:        AS202043
members:        AS57619
members:        AS28873
members:        AS196807
members:        AS59463
members:        AS41093
members:        AS42191
members:        AS50013
members:        AS59742
members:        AS62052
members:        AS201613
members:        AS44814
members:        AS50360
members:        AS59763
members:        AS43202
members:        AS56389
members:        AS59772
members:        AS201288
members:        AS201212
members:        AS-TAMATIYA
members:        AS201114
members:        AS44781
members:        AS59466
members:        AS57538
members:        AS201215
members:        AS56539
members:        AS41339
members:        AS202160
members:        AS201642
members:        AS200872
members:        AS201233
members:        AS200617
members:        AS201583
members:        AS204232
members:        AS59746
members:        AS47174
members:        AS35761
members:        AS60560
members:        AS200045
members:        AS203390
members:        AS41799
members:        AS43651
members:        AS43713
members:        AS62411
members:        AS206511
members:        AS208318
members:        AS61321
admin-c:        DUMY-RIPE
tech-c:         DUMY-RIPE
mnt-lower:      BT95-ADM
mnt-by:         BT95-ADM
created:        2015-09-08T11:28:27Z
last-modified:  2020-10-23T11:13:14Z
source:         RIPE
remarks:        ****************************
remarks:        * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED
remarks:        * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal
remarks:        * data has been removed from this object.
remarks:        * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at:
remarks:        *
remarks:        ****************************