Internet Route Registry

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as-set:         AS-NV
descr:          013 NETVISION AS1680
descr:          AS56995
descr:          AS205577
descr:          AS205650
descr:          AS203905
descr:          AS62027
descr:          AS60268
members:        AS378
members:        AS47573
members:        AS206935
members:        AS27435
members:        AS13073
members:        AS31800
members:        AS205203
members:        AS60268
members:        AS205577
members:        AS205650
members:        AS62027
members:        AS203905
members:        AS49501
members:        AS42316
members:        AS205551
members:        AS203009
members:        AS34380
members:        AS39274
members:        AS35016
members:        AS198425
members:        AS204078
members:        AS61417
members:        AS19551
members:        AS13150
members:        AS200478
members:        AS51651
members:        AS201093
members:        AS1547
members:        AS198484
members:        AS198087
members:        AS202122
members:        AS1680
members:        AS3288
members:        AS4983
members:        AS199989
members:        AS5540
members:        AS5583
members:        AS6866
members:        AS6907
members:        AS8584
members:        AS8738
members:        AS8894
members:        AS8958
members:        AS9071
members:        AS395735
members:        AS9117
members:        AS12400
members:        AS12441
members:        AS12619
members:        AS12736
members:        AS12753
members:        AS12754
members:        AS12975
members:        AS12988
members:        AS13074
members:        AS13093
members:        AS13240
members:        AS13264
members:        AS13448
members:        AS15445
members:        AS15526
members:        AS15708
members:        AS15975
members:        AS15976
members:        AS16061
members:        AS16116
members:        AS16158
members:        AS16370
members:        AS19907
members:        AS20428
members:        AS20645
members:        AS20800
members:        AS20841
members:        AS21133
members:        AS21133
members:        AS21350
members:        AS21363
members:        AS21450
members:        AS21486
members:        AS23456
members:        AS25003
members:        AS25046
members:        AS25237
members:        AS29149
members:        AS29410
members:        AS30744
members:        AS30866
members:        AS30866
members:        AS31417
members:        AS31578
members:        AS33802
members:        AS33952
members:        AS34583
members:        AS34598
members:        AS34852
members:        AS35243
members:        AS35435
members:        AS35438
members:        AS35560
members:        AS35812
members:        AS36920
members:        AS37094
members:        AS38992
members:        AS39159
members:        AS39213
members:        AS39289
members:        AS39343
members:        AS39768
members:        AS41346
members:        AS41394
members:        AS41714
members:        AS41923
members:        AS41927
members:        AS41927
members:        AS42314
members:        AS42647
members:        AS42925
members:        AS43165
members:        AS43194
members:        AS43438
members:        AS43514
members:        AS43842
members:        AS43871
members:        AS44024
members:        AS44282
members:        AS44339
members:        AS44367
members:        AS44427
members:        AS44669
members:        AS44846
members:        AS44576
members:        AS46281
members:        AS47253
members:        AS47256
members:        AS47461
members:        AS47665
members:        AS47766
members:        AS47769
members:        AS47776
members:        AS47779
members:        AS47956
members:        AS47961
members:        AS47997
members:        AS48068
members:        AS48163
members:        AS48300
members:        AS48966
members:        AS49069
members:        AS49196
members:        AS49196
members:        AS49308
members:        AS49391
members:        AS49456
members:        AS11856
members:        AS49539
members:        AS49771
members:        AS49921
members:        AS50006
members:        AS50069
members:        AS50079
members:        AS50081
members:        AS50237
members:        AS50454
members:        AS51082
members:        AS51304
members:        AS51385
members:        AS51336
members:        AS50995
members:        AS50865
members:        AS50744
members:        AS51330
members:        AS51407
members:        AS47770
members:        AS-COOLNET
members:        AS-FUS
members:        AS-PALTEL
members:        AS-Ariave
members:        AS-ORMAT
members:        AS-BNETWORK
members:        AS197086
members:        AS196828
members:        AS197797
members:        AS51825
members:        AS197819
members:        AS57035
members:        AS8867
members:        AS12257
members:        AS49069
members:        AS51440
members:        AS198114
members:        AS37427
members:        AS44887
members:        AS198773
members:        AS197538
members:        AS35392
members:        AS58268
members:        AS43937
members:        AS199270
members:        AS57259
members:        AS52145
members:        AS56995
members:        AS12222
members:        AS44440
members:        AS29165
members:        AS201415
members:        AS201156
members:        AS42254
members:        AS57721
members:        AS61102
members:        AS199391
members:        AS29585
members:        AS16240
members:        AS18676
members:        AS42976
members:        AS12517
members:        AS8948
members:        AS51925
members:        AS201303
members:        AS60890
members:        AS203777
members:        AS60636
members:        AS109
members:        AS207106
members:        AS202940
members:        AS206650
members:        AS206614
members:        AS56596
tech-c:         DUMY-RIPE
admin-c:        DUMY-RIPE
members:        AS51617
members:        AS61365
members:        AS44060
members:        AS206395
members:        AS44559
members:        AS131244
members:        AS43181
members:        AS206039
members:        AS49794
members:        AS204257
members:        AS50440
members:        AS204831
members:        AS58182
members:        AS62571
members:        AS3598
members:        AS48851
members:        AS15823
members:        AS65027
members:        AS64550
members:        AS54372
members:        AS62190
members:        AS202369
members:        AS202356
members:        AS202320
members:        AS202001
members:        AS210290
members:        AS202940
members:        AS199270
members:        AS209514
members:        AS30467
members:        AS61317
members:        AS206056
members:        AS205484
members:        AS44150
members:        AS35142
members:        AS208465
members:        AS14148
members:        AS21145
members:        AS209622
members:        AS207667
members:        AS25565
members:        AS207591
members:        AS208581
members:        AS207444
members:        AS207331
members:        AS207260
members:        AS57727
members:        AS206106
mnt-by:         NV-MNT-RIPE
created:        2008-02-13T13:29:07Z
last-modified:  2020-03-31T09:40:06Z
source:         RIPE
remarks:        ****************************
remarks:        * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED
remarks:        * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal
remarks:        * data has been removed from this object.
remarks:        * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at:
remarks:        *
remarks:        ****************************