Internet Route Registry

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as-set:         AS-RTD
descr:          Romtelecom S.A
members:        AS-ABTELECOM
members:        AS-AMBRA
members:        AS-ANCPI
members:        AS-CAROSYSTEM
members:        AS-CLAX
members:        AS-CNETWORK
members:        AS-COSMOTETDN
members:        AS-DIALTELECOMRO
members:        AS-DIGICOMM
members:        AS-DIRECTONE
members:        AS-ETP
members:        AS-FXSOFT-ALL
members:        AS-GIR
members:        AS-INOVOSET
members:        AS-INTERNIO
members:        AS-IST
members:        AS-MITNET
members:        AS-MOLDTELECOM
members:        AS-NANONET
members:        AS-NAV
members:        AS-NETVISIONTEL
members:        AS-NEWCOMTEL
members:        AS-NEXTGEN
members:        AS-NOVACOMM
members:        AS-OPTICNET
members:        AS-ORANGEMD
members:        AS-PANELECTRO
members:        AS-PHASE7
members:        AS-ROHOSTWAY
members:        AS-SET-SOFTEX
members:        AS-STARNET
members:        AS-STARNETRANS
members:        AS-TELECN
members:        AS-TVSAT-TRANSIT
members:        AS-UNIVERSNET
members:        AS-WGS
members:        AS6693,     AS6718,    AS9050,    AS12442,   AS13085,   AS13150
members:        AS15619,    AS16120,   AS16199,   AS20601,   AS20668,   AS20787
members:        AS21368,    AS21433,   AS25198,   AS25278,   AS25326,   AS25378
members:        AS25409,    AS25536,   AS28763,   AS28853,   AS29098,   AS29267
members:        AS29306,    AS29628,   AS29652,   AS30863,   AS30885,   AS31038
members:        AS31074,    AS31102,   AS31362,   AS31454,   AS31605,   AS31609
members:        AS33839,    AS33948,   AS33971,   AS33977,   AS34022,   AS34184
members:        AS34283,    AS34415,   AS34416,   AS34543,   AS34551,   AS34560
members:        AS34640,    AS34679,   AS34711,   AS34740,   AS34795,   AS34904
members:        AS34915,    AS35261,   AS35351,   AS35386,   AS35478,   AS35626
members:        AS35664,    AS35726,   AS35820,   AS39016,   AS39081,   AS39203
members:        AS39226,    AS39347,   AS39425,   AS39474,   AS39492,   AS39502
members:        AS39516,    AS39668,   AS39712,   AS39770,   AS39777,   AS39797
members:        AS39802,    AS39803,   AS39809,   AS39814,   AS39903,   AS40997
members:        AS41028,    AS41043,   AS41055,   AS41087,   AS41131,   AS41461
members:        AS41492,    AS41496,   AS41534,   AS41537,   AS41571,   AS41638
members:        AS41752,    AS41772,   AS41807,   AS41823,   AS41851,   AS41852
members:        AS41859,    AS41950,   AS41953,   AS42234,   AS42285,   AS42405
members:        AS42508,    AS42583,   AS42640,   AS42660,   AS42712,   AS42756
members:        AS42790,    AS42890,   AS42939,   AS42952,   AS43283,   AS43360
members:        AS43443,    AS43464,   AS43473,   AS43474,   AS43501,   AS43587
members:        AS43631,    AS43807,   AS43840,   AS43891,   AS43899,   AS44040
members:        AS44081,    AS44106,   AS44157,   AS44184,   AS44220,   AS44563
members:        AS44580,    AS47516,   AS47559,   AS47621,   AS47734,   AS47991
members:        AS48012,    AS48063,   AS48161,   AS48338,   AS48537,   AS48562
members:        AS48600,    AS48669,   AS48810,   AS48836,   AS48843,   AS48928
members:        AS49020,    AS49021,   AS49023,   AS49052,   AS49164,   AS49169
members:        AS49174,    AS49203,   AS49256,   AS49266,   AS49295,   AS49384
members:        AS49468,    AS49626,   AS49645,   AS49688,   AS49774,   AS49907
members:        AS49909,    AS49918,   AS49948,   AS49986,   AS49990,   AS50232
members:        AS50252,    AS50347,   AS50402,   AS50527,   AS50604,   AS50682
members:        AS50839,    AS50887,   AS50945,   AS50991,   AS51076,   AS51094
members:        AS51098,    AS51102,   AS51177,   AS51202,   AS51240,   AS51480
members:        AS51637,    AS51689,   AS51746,   AS51799,   AS51832,   AS51854
members:        AS51911,    AS52044,   AS52159,   AS52189,   AS52192,   AS56417
members:        AS56448,    AS56499,   AS56502,   AS56519,   AS56619,   AS56684
members:        AS56729,    AS56750,   AS56770,   AS56885,   AS56908,   AS56962
members:        AS57071,    AS57080,   AS57082,   AS57126,   AS57180,   AS57316
members:        AS57446,    AS57464,   AS57635,   AS57647,   AS57746,   AS58016
members:        AS58022,    AS58023,   AS58043,   AS58052,   AS58170,   AS58174
members:        AS58180,    AS58195,   AS59398,   AS59400,   AS59610,   AS59632
members:        AS59765,    AS59854,   AS59938,   AS59998,   AS60020,   AS60026
members:        AS60033,    AS60073,   AS60077,   AS60100,   AS60104,   AS60201
members:        AS60403,    AS60453,   AS60615,   AS60694,   AS60766,   AS60905
members:        AS60907,    AS60909,   AS61204,   AS61279,   AS61353,   AS61388
members:        AS61409,    AS61958,   AS62030,   AS62032,   AS62124,   AS62151
members:        AS62162,    AS62306,   AS62315,   AS62343,   AS62388,   AS62445
members:        AS64471,    AS196783,  AS197134,  AS198223,  AS198892,  AS198914
members:        AS199498,   AS201805,  AS202779,  AS203574,  AS203775,  AS203929
members:        AS204156,   AS206382,  AS207752,  AS208179,  AS213323
admin-c:        DUMY-RIPE
tech-c:         DUMY-RIPE
notify:         george.nicolae [at]
mnt-by:         RTD-MNT
created:        2003-11-14T13:31:42Z
last-modified:  2020-08-10T15:16:26Z
source:         RIPE
remarks:        ****************************
remarks:        * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED
remarks:        * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal
remarks:        * data has been removed from this object.
remarks:        * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at:
remarks:        *
remarks:        ****************************