Internet Route Registry

These entries are queried from using whois, you can try my project getting these.


descr:      Angola Cables proxy-registered route object for customer AS268366
origin:     AS268366
remarks:    ***********************************************
remarks:    This object is for *AS268366* customer routes
remarks:    which is being exported from this source AS.
remarks:    This route object was create because no existing
remarks:    route object with the same sources was found, and
remarks:    since some Angola Cables peers filter based on
remarks:    these objects these routes may be rejected if
remarks:    this object is not created.
remarks:    Please contact peering [at] if you
remarks:    have any questions regarding this object.
remarks:    ***********************************************
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS37468
changed:    humberto.galiza [at] 20180928  #23:38:34Z
source:     RADB

route6:     2804:500c::/32
origin:     AS268366
descr:      Route object created for customer AS268366
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS61568
notify:     noc [at]
changed:    noc [at] 20200624  #18:56:59Z
source:     RADB

route6:     2804:4ad0::/32
descr:      This is a Commcorp Telecom customer proxy route object that was created because no existing route object with the same origin was found. Please contact noc [at] if you have any questions regarding this object.
origin:     AS268366
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS14840
changed:    gacosta [at] 20200721
source:     RADB